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Would You Fly a Plane with One Engine? Or Run Your Airline with One Data Center(re)?

For those of you who may of been in the US or outside of Europe this past weekend, you may not have heard about the major British Airways IT outage, that took down their entire operations for most of Saturday and into Sunday. Rumors, which were later confirmed, were that a switch from primary to […]

Is My Static IP Address in Windows Azure Really Set?

I’ve been working with Windows Azure VMs since they became available last year, and I’ve built out some pretty complex scenarios with them (hybrid clusters using AlwaysOn Availability Groups, for one). One the early limitations was that all of the VMs were all dynamic IP (DHCP) addresses—there were some workarounds to this, but with database […]

Vendors, Again—8 Things To Do When Delivering a Technical Sales Presentation

In the last two days, I’ve sat through some of the most horrific sales presentations I’ve ever done—this was worse than the time share in Florida. If you happen to be a vendor and reading (especially if you are database vendor—don’t worry it wasn’t you), I hope this helps you craft better sales messages. In […]

SAN Basics for DBAs–Central Pennsylvania Users Group

I will presenting tonight at the Central Pennsylvania Users group on SAN Basics for DBAs (and other data pros!). I’ve given this presentation many times, but it’s been updated to reflect new information about automated storage tiering and what it means for the database. The slides are available here, and I will update this post […]

South Jersey User’s Group — Virtualization for DBAs

Tonight (7/23) I will be talking at the South Jersey SQL Server’s user group on Virtualization and what it means to your databases. We will walk through the terminology associated with VMs, and some best practices for how to configure and troubleshoot your databases on VMs. The meeting is at the Haddon Heights library–we are […]