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Vendors and Clients, or How not to sell to me

Vendors, Customers, Community I love vendors—I’m heavily involved with the SQL Server Community and the support of Microsoft and the many other vendors in our space makes our community possible. I recommend their software to friends; I know most of their evangelists. I’m not always the best customer, I’ll admit. I have done evaluations of […]

Building an AlwaysOn Availability Group Part 1 of 3

AlwaysOn Availability Groups are a new feature with SQL Server 2012, which builds on top of a combination of Windows Failover Clustering and SQL Server mirroring technology. This document will illustrate the process of configuring an Availability Group in your environment. It is important to remember that the member nodes of this cluster do not […]

South Jersey User’s Group — Virtualization for DBAs

Tonight (7/23) I will be talking at the South Jersey SQL Server’s user group on Virtualization and what it means to your databases. We will walk through the terminology associated with VMs, and some best practices for how to configure and troubleshoot your databases on VMs. The meeting is at the Haddon Heights library–we are […]

Resources from NoVA SQL—Virtualization for DBAs

Thanks for the Northern Virginia SQL Users group for letting me speak last night—it was a great time and the crowd was fantastic. Here are some resources from my presentation: Slide deck is here Denny Cherry’s blog post on tuning the VMWare vCenter database is here. Microsoft’s licensing information on Hyper-V is here. Lastly—to answer […]

I’m Speaking at Northern Virginia SQL Server Users Group

Tonight I will presenting on Virtualization for SQL DBAs at the Northern Virginia SQL Users group at 7 PM in the ATT Building in Vienna, VA. I’ll be talking about topics like memory management for VMs, how monitoring your virtual servers is different than your physical, and why storage performance is even more important in […]