SQL Clone—Win Fabulous Prizes!!!

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Want a chance to win a really cool prize (5 Amazon Dots, and a copy of SQL Clone), while learning about a cool product from Redgate? My friends at Redgate are in the process of releasing a really awesome tool call SQL Clone. So what is SQL Clone?

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 10.29.34 AM

One of the challenges I’ve faced through my career as a DBA is the ability to have a reliable copy of a production database to test against. Sure, when I worked at Comcast we had dev, qa, test, and prod environments, but many of the smaller organizations I worked for and consult with, don’t have that luxury. Even when I was at Comcast, the overwhelming cost of storage really limited our ability to maintain consistent development platforms.

So what is the solution? SQL Clone offers a virtual copies of your  database, in seconds, whilst only taking up 40 MB of disk space. How does it do it? Redgate stores pointers to your database in the copy. This means you can have one copy of your database and multiple clones, so that different parts of your dev team can work together in harmony. This data will grow a bit as each developer queries the data, but if you dealing with very large (> 5TB) or even just pretty big databases, this can greatly reduce your storage cost and increate developer productivity.

To learn more about Red Gate SQL Clone, check out this video:

You can see Grant Fritchey yell at an Amazon Alexa to create a clone of a database. It’s that easy.

So for the contest:

I’d like you to comment on what skill you would build using the echo dot. This can be anything, but database related ideas are likely better, as Redgate will be the judge. Here are some of my ideas:

  • Build a database using SQL Clone Smile
  • Rebuild the statistics on the data warehouse
  • Yell at Joey to go ride his bike

    For legal purposes you can read the terms and conditions here.


10 thoughts on “SQL Clone—Win Fabulous Prizes!!!

  1. james donahoe

    Alexa to receive alerts from monitoring tools and audibly alert when a performance condition/security alert/any alert happens that is deemed critical. Then with said functionality be able to tell Alexa to acknowledge the alert.

    Or to yell at Joey and tell him to ride his bike!

  2. TJ

    I’d keep Alexa in my kitchen and have her keep track of what I have in my fridge, freezer, cupboards etc. I’d get Alexa to order items for home delivery when they’re running low or the use by date is about to expire. I’d also use Alexa’s knowledge of what I currently have in my kitchen to suggest recipes that I could cook based on what items I have available.

  3. Mohammed Khaja Mohiuddin

    I would like Alexa to notify me for any “outdated” clones beyond a threshold and ability to update them automatically to the latest version.

  4. Paul Rosenberg

    I’d get Alexa to understand my SQL Prompt snippets and let me dictate SQL code directly, without the need to actually type.

  5. Andrew Pirie

    I’d like to be able to ask Alexa to suggest (based on the baseline activity) what she thinks is making a certain server slower than usual.

  6. AllenKinsel

    Alexa should have a skill created that automatically plays thunder and lightning sounds anytime someone says azure or cloud while simultaneously bringing up the YELL SQLPrompt Template. The skill name is obviously “Old Man Yells at Cloud”

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