How Much Do SQL Server Licenses Cost?

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So I’m being a little bit of an SEO whore in this post because it took way to many google searches to get this data.

SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition—Core Licensing Only–$27, 495/4 cores, $13, 747.50 per additional 2 core packs.

SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition—Core licensing–$7171/4 cores, $3585.50 per additional 2 core packs,

Server plus CAL Licensing– $898/server (CALs are $170/named user)

SQL Server 2014 BI Edition—Server Plus CAL Licensing Only–$8592/server (CALs are $170/named user)

BI Edition is dead with 2016. I also updated the versions here, but the price hasn’t changed for 2016, and remember you get a lot of cool enterprise features in standard edition.


3 thoughts on “How Much Do SQL Server Licenses Cost?

  1. Nabil

    Thanks so much for posting this, one question please, if i have web application, i have to pay for one CAL for (user ==login) using for application, or i have to pay CALs for all application users?
    Thanks for replying

    1. jdanton1

      No, you have to pay CALs for all users of your application, hence core based pricing (or cloud DBs) being the better solution for web facing apps.


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