How Much Do SQL Server Licenses Cost?

So I’m being a little bit of an SEO whore in this post because it took way to many google searches to get this data.

SQL Server 2016 Enterprise Edition—Core Licensing Only–$27, 495/4 cores, $13, 747.50 per additional 2 core packs.

SQL Server 2016 Standard Edition—Core licensing–$7171/4 cores, $3585.50 per additional 2 core packs,

Server plus CAL Licensing– $898/server (CALs are $170/named user)

SQL Server 2014 BI Edition—Server Plus CAL Licensing Only–$8592/server (CALs are $170/named user)

BI Edition is dead with 2016. I also updated the versions here, but the price hasn’t changed for 2016, and remember you get a lot of cool enterprise features in standard edition.


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3 Responses to How Much Do SQL Server Licenses Cost?

  1. Jessica says:

    Thank you for posting the cost.

  2. Nabil says:

    Thanks so much for posting this, one question please, if i have web application, i have to pay for one CAL for (user ==login) using for application, or i have to pay CALs for all application users?
    Thanks for replying

    • jdanton1 says:

      No, you have to pay CALs for all users of your application, hence core based pricing (or cloud DBs) being the better solution for web facing apps.

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