PASS Summit Surprise—Career Management Session

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In a last minute replacement, Karen Lopez (twitter) and I are presenting a session today at 3PM, at the PASS Summit in rooms 615-617. This is a really fun session we’ve given at a number of SQL Saturdays and other events—on managing your career.


 You Wouldn’t Let HR Manage Your DBs…

…So don’t let them manage your career.

Do you know that you may have left tens of thousands of dollars on the table during your last negotiation? Do you know that you can ask for more than money when negotiating salary? Are you taking vacation just to be here at the PASS Summit?

In this session we will share our experiences working in a range of organizations from very formal giant corporate HR departments, government agencies and small tech startups. You will learn about how your HR organization works, what salary levels and midpoints are, negotiation strategies, when to say “no” and how to say “yes”.


We’ll talk about negotiation, career paths, and making the right career choices for you—come join us at 3 PM.

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