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SQL Server Days Belgium

So Belgium is one of my favorite countries in the world—it has the best beer (sorry Germany, and America you are trying hard, but the Belgians have a history), it is the spiritual home of cyclocross (which is one of my favorite sports), and has the best formula one circuit in the world at Spa Fracorchamps (sorry again Germany, the Nordschliefe is amazing, but open wheel cars won’t race there anymore). One additional thing to love about Belgium is SQL Server Days—a great two event, featuring SQL Server experts from around the world, such as Ola Hallengren, Denny Cherry, Buck Woody, Stacia Misner and Grant Fritchey to name a few.

I will be delivering a preview of the three hour session I will be doing at PASS Summit on using Microsoft Azure as your second data center. I’ll be talking about all of the potential backup and disaster recovery options, and which can be right for your solution. Additionally, I will be taking part in the BI Power Hour to talk a little bit about the analytics of Belgian beer using Power BI. I hope to see you there!


Figure 1 Sven Nys Koksijde, Belgium


Figure 2 Spa Francorchamps Circuit, Francorchamps, Belgium


Figure 3 Westvletren Ale

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