Office 365—Are You Done Yet?

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Power BI in Office 365 has some new and exciting features like Power Map and Power Q&A, and it is also required to use the Power BI “modern” app (that’s metro to most of us.) In general, I’ve been really happy with the way things work with Office 365, but from time to time I run into odd behavior. This week was one of those weeks.

The upper limit of a file that you can load into Power BI is 250 MB—and if you file is above 30 MB you need to enable it, for Power BI. I was building a demo this week that has a good amount of data, and ends up being right around 200 MB. I was a little nervous about uploading a file that “big” to the cloud over a regular internet connection. As it happened, I was working from home yesterday, and kicked off the upload process right before I ran an errand over lunch. When I got back an hour or so later, I saw this:


Figure 1 Upload Dialog from Power BI

However, when I checked resource monitor for network activity, I saw none from Internet Explorer.

Figure 2 Network Activity

I opened a new window, and my file was actually in Power BI, so I left the upload dialog alone overnight. When I logged in this morning, the dialog box is still there. While this isn’t a big to deal to IT folks (we are used to things not working correctly), and can imagine it being disconcerting to a business user trying to upload a report.


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