Does Power View Have a Problem with Shrinkage?

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I do a decent amount of work with Power View—I think it is a pretty nice tool for doing visualizations across disparate data sets and it is mostly easy enough to be accessible to power users. However there are a few things I feel the need to complain about. My biggest complaint is that the user doesn’t have the ability to change a chart title—the only way to avoid the system generated chart title is to hide it, and then add a text box. However, the other day, I accidentally found a new bug—chart shrinkage.

I was building a very simple chart to test something in Power BI (SharePoint online)—so I used Power Query and my one of my favorite test data sites (Pro Football Reference—they have good HTML tables that work really nicely with Power Query.) So I grabbed the 2013 NFL defensive stats and threw them in a cluster bar chart.

Figure 1 Power View Chart of NFL Defensive Stats 2013

Look at that—the Saints were pretty good on defense last year, particularly pass defense (thanks Rob Ryan and Keenan Lewis.) This chart was fine and served my purpose, but in order to demo something to someone, I tiled it by team.


Figure 2 Tiled by Team


When I remove the tile by the chart now has a scroll bar (note the last visible team is the Arizona Cardinals, rather than the Washington NFL team in figure 1)


Figure 3 Shrunken Chart

Repeating this process several times, the chart ends up looking like this:

Figure 4 Who shrunk my chart?

It is easy to drag down the chart to make the data visible again, but this clearly isn’t the intended behavior. Hopefully, like Power Query (which gets new fixes seemingly every week) this matter (and the chart title one) will get resolved quickly.


3 thoughts on “Does Power View Have a Problem with Shrinkage?

  1. Mey

    Thanks. This seems like a product bug. I will request the team here to see if they can reproduce this and file a bug as necessary. Please continue to share your feedback on Power View

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