Building Perfect SQL Servers, Every Time

Tomorrow I’ll be presenting to the DBA Fundamentals VC on Building Perfect SQL Servers, Every Time. This is a session I’ve been wanting to build for a while—as many of you know SQL Server does not install with best practices configured out of the box; in my role as a consultant I see a lot of installations where the installer simply clicked next. What I really wanted to call this presentation was “Don’t Just #$%^ing Click Next When You Install SQL Server”

Additionally, you can grab the script files here.

In tomorrow’s session I will cover the following:

  • General best practices for configuring SQL Server
  • What you should change after install
  • How to manage a larger environment
  • How you can automate this process, so you get the same server every time.

We will talk about how to automate physical builds, and a little bit about building your own private SQL Server cloud—what it takes, and what your next steps are.


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  1. If you haven’t already, check out SPADE (Scripted Powershell Automated Deployment Engine) it can autmate installs and customizations for all your SQL Installs. We have a 64 point post install check list, to include Security setttings, resizing & moving TempDB, installing 3rd party apps (RedGate, Attunity Drivers, etc).

    Using this framework I can install any version, any edition of 2005->2012 (2014 in testing). I can deploy a full standardized SQL server in about 20 minutes using this frame work.

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