Into the Blue—Building DR in Windows Azure

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Tomorrow (at 1300 EDT/1800 GMT), I’ll be presenting to the SQL Pass High Availability and Disaster Recovery VC on one my favorite topics of late—building disaster recovery from your data center into Windows Azure Infrastructure as a Service. You can register for the session here. While I’m not screaming “cloud, cloud, cloud” from the rooftops, I do feel like DR is a really great point of entry to the cloud for many smaller organizations, who may lack the resource to have a second data center, or perhaps only need their applications to be highly available during certain parts of year. Additionally, the ability to backup SQL Server databases directly to Azure Blob Storage also can meet your offsite backup requirements with very little headaches.

The cloud isn’t all unicorns and rainbows however—there are some definite challenges in getting these solutions to work properly. I’ll discuss that and the following in this session:

  • Choosing the right DR solution
  • Networking and the cloud
  • Economics of cloud DR
  • Implementation concerns for AlwaysOn Availability Groups

I hope you can join me on Tuesday.

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