SQL Saturday #233 Washington DC—Data Compression Presentation

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This weekend is my last in-person speaking engagement of the year—and it has been a great year in terms of speaking. Saturday in Washington, well Chevy Chase, Maryland to be specific, I will be presenting on Accelerating Your Database Performance Using Data Compression. A few caveats—data compression is an Enterprise Edition of SQL Server—if you are a DBA in a shop that only uses Standard Edition, this session probably won’t be a great deal of benefit to you (except for your own edification and professional development). Also, this session is an introductory one—I call it 200 level, we will touch on the internals of how data compression works, but for the most part we will be focused on how and when to implement it in your environment. If you want to preview the slides or any of the presentation resources, check out bit.ly/SQLCompression

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