Vendors, Don’t Be That Creepy Guy, OK?

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We’ve all been out at the bar late, too late even, and seen that drunk guy (or girl) who’s desperate to go home with another guy/girl/mammal. That’s understandable it’s the end of the night, you’re drunk and the most attractive options are already gone. Sales can be very similar—it’s the end of the quarter, you need to meet your sales quota, and all of the attractive customers are all signed up or have already refused your pitch. That’s how sales works, and while it’s annoying, I get it. Here’s where I get upset—after I’ve refused the advances and acknowledged that I’m not really interested in your junk, er product, it’s not okay to keep asking questions. It’s not really any of your business what other solutions I own, or what I’m developing internally, and when you keep asking those questions after I’ve blown your off, it just starts to feel weird. Don’t make me get a restraining order. (BTW, this isn’t about any of our wonderful SQL Server community sponsors—NoSQL related)

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