SAN Basics for DBAs–Central Pennsylvania Users Group

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I will presenting tonight at the Central Pennsylvania Users group on SAN Basics for DBAs (and other data pros!). I’ve given this presentation many times, but it’s been updated to reflect new information about automated storage tiering and what it means for the database.

The slides are available here, and I will update this post with any additional resources.

Here is a link to SQLIO. And a best practices document.

Lastly here is an EMC white paper on the automated storage tiering, I mentioned lasted night.

2 thoughts on “SAN Basics for DBAs–Central Pennsylvania Users Group

  1. Luke Loeffler

    Joe, I attended this presentation and was glad you did it for our group. I’m in the process of testing a new SAN for my employer and I’m having some issues explaining to my SAN vendor why 60-70 seconds to grow a database file 1 GB is unacceptable when I can do the same with my old SAN and hardware in 3-4 Sec (instant file init is not on due to security issues).

    They blame it on thin provisioning and not writing the 0’s to the disks since they are already zero’d. Is this something you’ve seen with the newer generation multi tiered SANS you’ve tested over the last few years?



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