The Dog ate My Checklist—Or Why Backups Are Important

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So as most of you may know, I’m the event organizer for SQL Saturday #121 Philadelphia. So I’ve been making lots of lists, given that I’m not as organized as I should be, some of these are in OneNote, some of them are in a text file in Notepad++, but in the last few days I’ve been keeping a list on paper list with a bunch of tasks on it. Since I had the grocery list for the after party on it, I tore it off of my lovely A4 pad (because I’m Euro like that), and took it to the store. I’m pretty confident I left it on the kitchen table after returning home with the groceries.

Molly is a lovely dog—we’ve had her for nearly 6 years now. She is wonderful with children and people, and doesn’t destroy much (she still has all of the toy’s she had when she was a puppy), however she has always had a penchant for chewing up plastic bags and paper-not just any paper, it’s always some receipt I need for an expense report, or some bill we hadn’t paid. Kelly and I’s anniversary was yesterday, so we took a break from folding boxes to go out to dinner. When we returned home we found this:


Yeah—that pile of paper on the towel, was my checklist. So why is this appearing on my database blog? Well think of my checklist as a database file that got corrupted, and had no backup. You are left trying to assemble bits and bytes of data using a hex editor. Fortunately for me it’s only one page that’s corrupted, but in a real database with no backup, you might have 10,000 corrupt pages that you need to go through.

Make sure you have backups—and test your restores.


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