SQL Rally–Vote for My Session–and upcoming talks

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I hate having to do this, but it’s part of the process. I am nominated for a community selection to the PASS SQL Rally event in Dallas this May. The session I would be giving is a great talk on the new High Availability and Disaster Recovery options in SQL Server 2012. I give an deep overview of what’s new and what’s changed, and then do some demos about building and failing over your new Availability Groups. My session is at the bottom of page in the SQL 2012 section–vote for it!!!

Vote Here.

In addition to SQL Rally, I have a few talks upcoming. They are as follows:

  • SANs for DBAs–Wheeling, WV SQL Server User’s Group (2/23)
  • SQL 2012 Always On–New Jersey SQL Server Users Group (3/20)
  • SQL 2012 HA and DR New Features–24 Hours of PASS (3/21)

Also, for those of you in the Philadelphia area, I recommended signing up for the SQL 2012 Special Ops Tour–it is also March 21. You can sign up here.

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