Matching EMC LUNs to Windows Disks

We are doing some SAN performance testing on the latest EMC VMAX array. As part of this, we are testing different storage configurations and policies and doing some baselining. I recently requested a set on LUNs for a new SQL install from my storage admin–I didn’t think about it, but I asked for disks that were the same exact size (200 GB) for both my data files and transaction logs. These disks were under different policies–so I had to identify them, which would prove difficult.

Windows storage manager shows me this picture of the disks assigned (note this pic is post fact–the disks have been configured):

EMC PowerPath shows us the following view:

As you can see we have two sets of disk numbers, and the numbers in PowerPath <> the numbers in Windows. One would think if someone looked under properties of the disk in Windows, you could find the underlying information. Unfortunately, they aren’t there. Enter the INQ utility, from EMC. It’s available via public FTP here.

You will run this utility from DOS, and use the following flag inq -showvol -sym_wwn. It will show the physical drive (which is the Windows number) and the EMC Device #–which is available in PowerPath. It’s still an ugly manual process, but it gets us the data.

Hopefully there are some PowerShell cmdlets for this info from EMC in a coming release of PowerPath.





Wheeling Presentation

Thanks to the Wheeling SQL Server usergroup for letting me present on SANs for DBAs.The slides can be found here.

Denny Cherry’s article discussing SQL DR options along with SAN DR options can he found here.

If you would like to vote for my session on New HA and DR Options in SQL Server 2012 at SQL Rally (and vote for John’s while you’re there!) vote here (until the end of the day today–vote here

SQL Rally–Vote for My Session–and upcoming talks

I hate having to do this, but it’s part of the process. I am nominated for a community selection to the PASS SQL Rally event in Dallas this May. The session I would be giving is a great talk on the new High Availability and Disaster Recovery options in SQL Server 2012. I give an deep overview of what’s new and what’s changed, and then do some demos about building and failing over your new Availability Groups. My session is at the bottom of page in the SQL 2012 section–vote for it!!!

Vote Here.

In addition to SQL Rally, I have a few talks upcoming. They are as follows:

  • SANs for DBAs–Wheeling, WV SQL Server User’s Group (2/23)
  • SQL 2012 Always On–New Jersey SQL Server Users Group (3/20)
  • SQL 2012 HA and DR New Features–24 Hours of PASS (3/21)

Also, for those of you in the Philadelphia area, I recommended signing up for the SQL 2012 Special Ops Tour–it is also March 21. You can sign up here.

SQL Rally Precon — Vote for Me

I had the honor of making it to the voting round of SQL Rally precon voting. So, I’m here to tell you more about my session and ask for your votes.

My precon is  SQL 2012 and Disaster Recovery–Getting Your Organization Ready. This session will really be in two parts, the morning will focus on understanding what High Availability and Disaster Recovery really mean to you and to your company. I will discuss the fundamentals of good DR plan, and what it takes to maintain a true HA environment.

After lunch, we will get much more technical, discussing all of the HA and DR options that are present in SQL Server, and discussing what’s new in SQL 2012 for HA and DR. We will also discuss other infrastructure approaches to HA and DR.

I want attendees to take away the following:

  • How to build a DR plan
  • Who needs to be involved in DR
  • What HA and DR options are available in SQL Server and are new in 2012
  • Other infrastructure options for DR and HA

Vote Here

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