Presenting at SQL Saturday 96 (Washington DC)

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I’ll be presenting two sessions at SQL Saturday #96 in Washington, DC (well actually Chevy Chase, MD) on November 6. If you are in the mid-Atlantic and looking to get a great day of SQL Server education, please signup.

The two topics I will be presenting on are Virtualization for DBAs and SANs for DBAs.

In the virtualization talk I will cover:

  • Basics of Virtualization (Hypervisors, Hosts, and Guests)
  • Advanced Features of Virtualization (vMotion, Live Migration, and DR)
  • Potential Gotcha’s of running your database servers in a Virtual Environment
  • Things you need to configure in your DB servers for Virtual Environments

In the SAN talk I will cover:

  • How databases interact with storage
  • Why memory is faster than a hard drive
  • RAID levels and what they mean for databases
  • Why a SAN is like living in a New York highrise
  • How to talk to you SAN administrator

All in all it should be a great day of training–there will be many top notch speakers and MVPs in attendance. I’m honored to be speaking.

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