Salary Data–Where to Get It..

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So in yesterday’s WIT luncheon, there was a bit of discussion on salary data. There was even a discussion on going to your local HR department, to find out the range for your position. DON’T FREAKING DO THAT!!!! This could be a whole another topic, but you don’t want to send a loud signal to your HR organization that you are shopping jobs. That’s as much of a career limiting move, as not having a backup.

Here’s the link the IRS data on the average (median, mean, and top split) data for DBAs. it’s broken down by region–from my experience with the data across a variety of IT positions, and it has been reasonably accurate.

It covers SQL, and those other databases, but should give you a good starting point for negotiations. And remember–salary is always negotiable, even if your unemployed–if you don’t get that money up front, you will never see it.

What DBA’s do, and how much they make.

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